Animation #animation #anna samo #creativity #short film #stop motion Animator Anna Samo Scripts a Love Letter to Artists in Her Short Film ‘Conversations With a Whale’ August 3, 2022 Kate Mothes 
Artists know this story well: an opportunity opens for an exhibition or a festival and in goes the application, but all that comes back is a rejection letter. While one or two letters of this kind might be easy to dismiss, they weigh heavily on one’s mind if they start to pile up. Animator Anna Samo taps into the unique emotional and mental fatigue endured by creatives who keep hitting roadblocks. In her stop-motion film “Conversations with a Whale,” she turns the prospect of a “no” into a fresh perspective on growth.
Created directly under the camera lens using a variety of analog filming techniques, the short follows a filmmaker who grapples with one rejection letter after another. Samo wrote in a director’s note that the piece “grew out of the necessity to reinvent my ow..

 Animation #pattern #short film #tessellation #video Kinetic Actions Trigger Mesmerizing Tessellations and Patterns in an Absorbing Short Film June 17, 2022 Grace Ebert
Basic geometric forms like circles, triangles, and lines alchemize into a hypnotic study of patterns in a new short film from the Barcelona-based Diatomic Studio. Part of their Tiles series, the animation applies kinetic principles to minimal, black-and-white renderings. The actions, which include transaction, rotation, and trajectory, transform the otherwise static shapes into mesmerizing tessellations and increasingly complex and dizzying motifs. For more of Diatomic Studio’s experiments in geometry and physics, head to Vimeo.

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 Animation #short film #time #video A Brilliant Orange Orb Shape-Shifts Through Time in a Meditative Animated Short May 20, 2022 Grace Ebert 
A metaphor for the way fragments of time both accumulate and mutate as they slip from one moment to the next, a glowing sphere is the subject of a calming short film by Argentinian artist Ezequiel Pini, of Six N. Five. The CGI animation follows the bright orb as it expands, multiplies, and transfigures into alternate forms like a sun dropping beneath the horizon and windows evocative of the recently demolished Nakagin Capsule Tower. Although simple in shape, the round object “represents care, calm, and attention to achieve its ultimate perfection. We are a circle, without boundaries, beginning or end. Infinity,” Pini says. Watch more of his poetic works on Vimeo.

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Melaspapadopoulos – A sight acquainted to individuals who journey alongside the antique roads and by-methods of the North American countryside, an deserted farmhouse is a touching reminder of adjustments withinside the panorama and the those who stay there.

 Animation #short film #video A Trailer for João Gonzalez’s Animated Short ‘Ice Merchants’ Follows a Cliff-Jumping Father and Son April 29, 2022 Grace Ebert 
Selected as one of ten projects for the International Critics’ Week at the Cannes Film Festival, João Gonzalez’s “Ice Merchants” is a frigid and precarious tale about a father and son. As the title suggests, the pair sells the frozen material, although to reach the market in the village below, they have to grab their parachutes and leap from their cliff-side home each day.
Gonzalez, who also performed and composed the accompanying soundtrack, created “Ice Merchants” in a minimal style similar to his award-winning “Nestor” and “The Voyagers.” He shares about the new film in a statement: “Something that has always fascinated me about animation cinema is the freedom it offers us to create something from scratch. Surrealistic and bizarre scenarios and realities can be used as a metaphorical tool to talk about somethin..

Melaspapadopoulos – A palimpsest of history, politics, and art, a quick movie with the aid of using Lisbon-primarily based totally director João Pombeiro is an ode to the Midwest’s biggest town and its people.