Sponsor #sponsor .ART Domains Celebrates Five Years of Building Digital Identities May 9, 2022 Colossal Multidisciplinary artist Shantell Martin. Photo by Timothy Schenck
Since launching in 2016, .ART has become a popular extension for creatives and is among the top five fastest-growing domains—all through organic growth and remarkably high renewal rates. A website on .ART can be anything: an online portfolio, a point of entry for all of your social media accounts, a revenue-generating marketplace, or even a cool name for your NFT. Its community of more than 200,000 users includes creative organizations, individual personalities, and industry giants like the Louvre, Marina Abramovic Institute, LACMA, ICA London, Amazon, Bank of America, Mercedes, Pixar, Kickstarter, Vivienne Westwood, and many others.
.ART users come to the platform to make an impact with their domain name, enhance their online presence, and be easily discovered. For example, Shantell Martin (shantellmar..

 Photography #birds #books A New Book Illuminates the Lives of the Elusive, Pink-Plumed Flamingos in Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula May 6, 2022 Grace Ebert The fluid that feeds the nestling is called crop milk. Both adults produce this secretion in the upper part of the intestine. All images © Photo © Claudio Contreras Koob and Nature Picture Library, shared with permission
In the Yucatán Peninsula, the rich wetland environment of the Ría Lagartos Biosphere Reserve is one of the most important sites for flamingos. The pink-pigmented birds flock to the area for breeding each year, with officials registering approximately 15,000 nests and 30,000 adults inhabiting the area in 2021 alone.
A biologist by training, photographer Claudio Contreras Koob has spent years visiting the lanky, big-beaked avians in the reserve and documenting their mannerisms and habits, amassing a broad collection of images now compiled in a book published by teNeues Verla in collaboration with the Nature..

 Art Design #art history #books #Michelangelo #Renaissance #Sistine Chapel A Mammoth Three-Volume Book Collection Presents Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel in Stunning 1:1 Detail April 26, 2022 Kate Mothes
Millions of tourists stream through the hallowed halls of Vatican City to see one of Western art history’s most treasured artworks: Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel. Gazing up 44 feet from the floor, visitors witness dramatic biblical scenes unfold throughout the monumental painting as it sprawls across the expansive architecture. The only drawback of looking up at such a height is that it’s difficult to discern smaller features and subtleties. The Sistine Chapel, a massive three-volume tome published by Callaway Arts and Entertainment and Italy’s Scripta Maneant, is dedicated to the details and presents up-close 1:1 scale images of the artist’s seminal painting in a limited-edition book.
Reminiscent of the way Michelangelo erected scaffolding to paint the scenes over 5..

Melaspapadopoulos – For artist Estelle Chrétrien, the expansive lawns, fields, and wooded ravines round her domestic in Nancy, France and different elements of Europe emerge as webweb sites of mischievous combined media interventions.

 History Photography #San Francisco #video Colorized Footage Travels San Francisco’s Market Street Four Days Before the Devastating 1906 Earthquake and Fire May 3, 2022 Grace Ebert 
The Miles Brothers were cinematic trailblazers, who, in 1906, filmed the historic “A Trip Down Market Street.” Traveling from 8th Street to the Embarcadero, the 13-minute journey documents San Francisco’s environment from the perspective of a cable car, showing the busy strip full of horse-drawn carriages and vehicles alongside the buildings and fashions of the time.
What makes the black-and-white footage particularly notable is that it captures the city mere days before that same landscape underwent a massive transformation. A 7.9-magnitude earthquake rocked the California coast in the early morning hours of April 18, 1906, in a shock that was so intense it ignited fires around the city. The original devastation and subsequent blazes killed more than 3,000 people and destroyed 80 percent o..

Melaspapadopoulos – Shanghai-primarily based totally manufacturing organisation Linmon Pictures created a lovable brand animation that runs earlier than their films

 Art #installation #site-specific #yarn Loose Threads Dangle in Bright, Bold Gradients in HOTTEA’s Kaleidoscopic Installations May 2, 2022 Grace Ebert “John Candy,” Houston. All images © HOTTEA, shared with permission
Suspended from gallery ceilings or strung across an open courtyard, innumerable lengths of yarn comprise the chromatic installations by artist Eric Rieger, aka HOTTEA (previously). He arranges the soft textiles in concentric circles or wide gradients that stretch from wall to wall, creating vibrant fields of color that shift in composition depending on the perspective. Most reflect the artist’s memories or experiences, and in recent years, he’s installed site-specific pieces in cities like Minneapolis, Houston, and Miami.
The tri-colored “Strangers” is HOTTEA’s largest outdoor work to date and was designed for Breve Festival in Belo Horizonte. Drawing on his encounters in the Brazilian city, the massive, uplifting work measures 100 feet long and 30 feet wi..

Melaspapadopoulos – Barcelona-primarily based totally artist Raya Sader Bujana defines her paintings as some thing among sculpture and illustration, growing impossibly tiny replicas of houseplants that relaxation atop a finger.

Melaspapadopoulos – The last time we checked in with filmmaker Vadim Sherbakov he was soaring high above Iceland, capturing stunning aerial views with the help of a drone.

Melaspapadopoulos – A sight acquainted to individuals who journey alongside the antique roads and by-methods of the North American countryside, an deserted farmhouse is a touching reminder of adjustments withinside the panorama and the those who stay there.