You’ll Need to Be Vaccinated to Visit NYC Museums and Galleries

Visitors and workers at New York City’s cultural institutions, including museums and galleries, will have to show proof of COVID-19 vaccination as part of a vaccine mandate for public indoor settings.

Earlier this month, Mayor Bill de Blasio announced his new “Key to NYC Pass” plan, which will require proof of at least one vaccine dose before entering indoor dining, gyms, and performance venues.

A recent surge of cases and hospitalizations in the city and nationwide. Yesterday, New York City recorded 1,817 new cases of the virus. Despite this increase, slightly over a quarter of adults city-wide have not received a single shot of the vaccine.

In a press conference today, the mayor displayed a list of businesses included in the mandate.

Masks are encouraged, but not enforced under the new plan. Most museums across the city still require face coverings. Children younger than 12 years old, for whom the vaccine has not yet been approved. They will have to be accompanied by a vaccinated person.

In today’s conference, the mayor addressed public concerns that the new policy could exclude visitors and workers from participating in the city’s cultural sector.

“We’ve been trying to encourage our cultural institutions to diversify their audiences, boards, and staff. But this moment with the Delta variant is a temporary reality. They said In terms of communities of color, this will encourage a lot of people to get vaccinated. We found a lot of folks are open to vaccination, but just need that extra incentive or reminder or convenience.”

The mayor added that support and training for enforcing the mandate will be provided to institutions that need it.

Acceptable proof of vaccination includes NYC’s COVID Safe App, the New York State Excelsior App, or official records. Those who were vaccinated outside of the US can show a photo or hard copy of records of immunization with the vaccines. They representative for the mayor’s office told Hyperallergic.

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