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The Closet / Reading Nights

It could sound like this, or smell like this, or vibrate like this…..

Let's just say that it is time to bring back seduction in thought, delight in language, flirtation in reading and risk in poetic licenses and confessions.

So that we can sink into an (arousing) influence and enjoy the duration with the gifts of logodiarrhea- without the help of spectacle, of images or narcotic substances.

So that we wash our hands and trust the meta-intimacy of Reading Contemporary domestic prose and poetry, short (or lengthy) essays and selected foreign language texts translated for the first time in greek.

To accept the friendliness and truth (or falseness) of a New Generation of Words that cause, among other things, an additional effect, an inevitable side effect ...

The creation, let's say, of an artificial mood - light, funny or not so funny, dreamy or somewhat sober, at irregular intervals, sexy, why not - like the spontaneous associations from noises, smells and vibrations of an informal Literary Salon, an ephemeral Cafe Society or a sophisticated A-Go-Go.

The creation of exactly this other mood, the wanted Third Meaning that persists to ignore rationality and the conceit of useful texts and wishes to always be a whim of - what else? –pop culture, and a discordant, therefore necessary, note in the Spirit of the Times; a metaphor.

To set up a small vitrine with text curios, a place for opportunities and possibilities for language.

The Closet is curated by Antonis Katsouris.

The Closet is supported by